Tech support


We do tech support.

We support individuals and organizations both in Wester Ross and throughout the UK. Our commercial clients include two architectural lighting design practices, an interior design company, a care home, consultancies and a local newspaper.

We’re happy to work from base or at a client’s premises. If possible, we will fix and/or maintain stuff remotely—it’s easier for us and cheaper for us—and so it’s cheaper for our clients too.

For us, “tech support” means anything that clients can’t do—or don’t want to do—themselves. For individuals, this involves a lot of cleaning viruses and malware off systems, speeding computers up, upgrading systems, setting up new PCs and transferring data from the old ones. We also advise on better and safer ways to store data, what’s available in terms of internet connectivity, and how to set up networking. For businesses, our services range from ad hoc “my computer’s stopped working” problems, via daily monitoring of servers and infrastructure, to full IT strategy planning and budgeting, and cover most things between.

We can help if you’re stuck on how to do something in Word®, Excel®, Publisher®, Outlook® and other programs that require us to put ® after them; we can also help with things like AutoCAD LT® or how to export a PDF to a JPG. We can (and frequently do) offer opinions on which web browser(s) you should be using.

We also specify hardware—computers, printers, networking kit, routers, even cables.

We can work by the hour or on a service contract basis.

When we’re asked to specify hardware or software, we’re careful to ensure that it’s pitched at the right level. A sole trader is unlikely to need a £10,000 server with a £5,000 backup system. Similarly, a company of twenty people might get away without a server or backup system—at least until someone deletes a file or a hard drive crashes.

Naturally most of our ‘hands-on’ work is carried out in the local area—Gairloch, Poolewe, Aultbea, Kinlochewe, Melvaig, Badachro and so on—but we do site work further afield when there’s enough work needing done to make it worthwhile for the customer.

If what we’ve said here seems to suit you, or you think it might, get in touch.