Welcome to s2dd. We are a multidisciplinary practice based on the west coast of the Highlands of Scotland, just north of Gairloch.

We provide technical support (including remote desktop services), web design, web hosting, email services, corporate identity design and typesetting to individuals and businesses throughout the UK.

We know the areas we’re strong in, and we know the areas where we’re not. We play to our strengths. If you want us to do something we’re not confident about—we may well take it on, but we’ll let you know before we do that we might not be the best people to do the job.

You might be expecting a site filled with photos with smiling people using computers. That’s not our style. We believe in honesty in design, consultancy and support. We wouldn’t be convinced to use a company just because their website shows happy people doing stuff, and we don’t think you’d be convinced either.

So—have a look around, and see what we do and what we’ve done. If you think we fit the bill, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!